Let’s get rid of the dirt!

Meanwhile autumn has arrived and so has the typical cold and wet weather. For the textile service industry, this means one thing in particular: Plenty dirty mats! Weather-related the walk-off mats in the entrance areas of many buildings are exposed to high levels of dirt and require frequent replacements. Therefore especially now processing mats is an important business for many textile service providers. They are being supported by Kannegiesser washing systems. Due to their special design and functions they are particularly well suited to the challenges of mat processing.

There are two established principles of washing machines for processing walk-off mats: The batch washer PowerTrans and the washer extractor PowerSwing. Whether to improve the workflow, optimize the degree of automation or reduce the overall costs for this demanding treatment process: Kannegiesser has the right solution for the processing of mats.

The batch washer PowerTrans with the extraction centrifuge PowerSpin

During the washing process, the PowerTrans’ ActiveDrop washing mechanism ensures that the embedded sand and dirt is quickly removed from the mat structure. With these features of the batch washer PowerTrans we ensure a long-term high availability, especially also for the challenging processing of mats: In order to prevent damage from clay, grit or sand, the PowerTrans can optionally be equipped with additional sand deflectors as well as special abrasive-resistant pumps. Also can a cyclone filter be connected to the PowerTrans, to remove sand and other coarse dirt from process and waste water.

The subsequent extraction in the PowerSpin is also perfectly suited for the processing of walk-off mats. The optional self-optimization feature significantly lowers the number of positioning attempts and thus reduces the required process time. In this way, even large dirt mats that are difficult to distribute in the drum can be extracted reliably and evenly.

The washer extractor PowerSwing

When processing the walk-off mats „bulkiness“ is one of the main challenges. The PowerSwing washer extractor convinces with its large drum volume and efficient loading system. For loading, the drum unit with oversized door opening is in a full vertical position, facilitating loading from the top – even with large batch sizes. Loading can be done via a simple inclined conveyor or bag systems. The unloading usually takes place on belts, which load the mats fully automatically into the following dryer.