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Garment Technology

Technical data

Technical data

Technical information

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Specialties and functions

  • Required room height: between 2m and 2.5m
  • Absolute adaptability to spatial conditions
  • Large curve radius to counteract the danger of damage to the garments and hanger entanglement
  • High speed
  • Minimum outfeed duration
  • Empty hanger storage within the system, or hanger hand-out
  • Possibility to use hanger integrated chips
  • 3 types of loading (2x manual, 1x automatic)
  • Possibility of inventory taking
  • ISDN and LAN connection
  • The outfeed possibility must not be interrupted for loading purposes.
  • Kannegiesser service and maintenance system

Further information

  1. We would be pleased to send you further information or to answer your questions.Please send us a message with your contact information, so we can find the right contact person for you.

Reduce down times

In order to reduce eventual down time of your Kannegiesser equipment to a minimum we offer a high level of availability for our genuine Kannegiesser spare parts.

If you have any questions regarding Kannegiesser spare parts or in case of orders, please contact our regional contact persons.

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