Supertrack ErgoSort: Ergonomics meets Variety

Sorting soiled linen is one of the toughest jobs in laundries. The heavy physical strain of working at the sorting station is jeopardising the productivity. Sorting performance declines over the course of the shift and errors accumulate. In the long term, the strain can also lead to physical damage and thus to loss of personnel. Considering the shortage of personnel in laundries, it has also become increasingly difficult to recruit employees for the demanding work in soiled linen sorting

The solution: ErgoSort

Kannegiesser has developed ErgoSort as a solution for the high strain involved in soiled linen sorting. The ergonomically designed sorting station reduces physical strain and increases productivity. The design of the sorting chutes also allows collision-free sorting from both sides and great sorting variety with lowest error rates.

Ergonomics increases productivity

A clear benefit of ergonomics is that the throwing distances on an ErgoSort sorting station are shortened and movements are less expansive. This simplifies the throwing motion and at the same time increases the accuracy of hitting the correct sorting chute. Heavy items, such as king-size sheets, can be thrown into the sorting chute much more easily and quickly. The size and geometry of the sorting chutes are ideally suited to all types of linen.

More criteria, more securely sorted

The special feature of ErgoSort is the collision-free sorting from both sides. Items are not thrown across each other and only over short distances. This results in a low error rate, regardless of the number of sorting chutes - which is growing as the diversity of articles increases. The reason for this is that customers are increasingly demanding a more individual selection of articles rather than just white linen with uniform designs. As a result, the sorting variety for soiled linen has also increased and will continue to do so in the future. The compact design of the ErgoSort sorting chutes and the short throwing distances provide the advantage of sorting by a particularly large number of categories in the smoothest possible way.

ErgoSort is the future-proof solution for modern laundry operations. The ergonomic design of the sorting station considerably relieves the challenging sorting work and improves productivity in the long term. Thanks to the compact design of the sorting chutes, sorting by many criteria is made very easy thus allowing to manage the ever increasing variety of articles on the market.