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Maintenance Strategy

The Most Beneficial Solution For Your Company!

Ask Kannegiesser for an advice in selecting your most appropriate maintenance concept. Whatever your strategy, the Kannegiesser maintenance, inspection and all other service concepts can considerably increases the efficiency of your own maintenance activities.

Possible Maintenance Strategies

Reacting Maintenance (remedy of faults)

low maintenance activities until machine breakdown

Preventative Maintenance

standardized regular maintenance intervals to minimize unintended work stoppages

Foresighted Maintenance

selective fault checking, constant machine monitoring and immediate repair if needed

Future-oriented Maintenance

in advance planning of maintenance and repair work to minimize machine downtime

Optimum Strategy

Generally, the best strategy is a mixture of the afore-mentioned possible standard methods. Therefore, each strategy should be adapted to the specific requirements of each user.

To work out your most suitable maintenance strategy, your targets are to be defined first.

Possible targets to select the best strategy:

  • extended machine life through regular maintenance
  • planning of short-term repairs
  • reduction of unplanned machine outages
  • budgeted maintenance costs

We are gladly at your disposal to help you defining your targets and to support you in selecting your optimum maintenance strategy!