Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH

Various Maintenance Arrangements

Periodical Inspections

Inspection means a check of the actual conditions of your Kannegiesser machinery complete with inspection reports. The inspection reports will be issued individually for each of the relevant components. Thus, you will have full information as to what actions are to be taken for each machine. In contrary to Audits, the inspections will be carried out at fixed periodical intervals in order to keep the need for maintenance and replacements low.

When are Inspections recommendable?

Inspections are recommendable if you like to have a permanent follow up of the production process so that you can carry out the maintenance/repair work of your machines concerned by yourself.

Maintenance of your machinery

The maintenance is comprised of the afore-mentioned scope of the inspection plus a function check, cleaning of elements in the function-relevant areas, filling up of consumable media as well as replacement of wear and tear parts which, according to the operating manual, have a shorter life than 2000 working hours. The entire maintenance performance will be documented in a protocol.

The maintenance ensures that all essential steps will be carried out to maintain the productivity of your equipment. In addition to that your will receive recommendations which further actions should be taken.

When is Maintenance recommendable?

The maintenance is recommendable if the installations are closely interlinked with each other and whenever a downtime may cause a serious production stop resulting in loss of output and elevated costs.

Service Packages

Kannegiesser exclusive service packages comprise Kannegiesser services or original spare parts, which include the service job of a qualified service technician or a Kannegiesser spare part package.

When are Service Packages recommendable?

Service packages are recommendable whenever services are concerned which are to be rendered regularly and which can represent a contribution to increase the operational safety or prevent the untimely breakdown of machine components.