Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH


Heating Band Technics Ironer SHM, HPM, HPM-G

08. Oct - 09. Oct 2019, Bad Schlema

Who should attend

Staff for technical backup of machines and machine operators


The seminar familiarizes participants with the operation and program optimization. Based on the explanations of machine functions the participant will be able to carry out quick trouble solving or repair work.


Participants have already one machine operating in their plant or the investment of such equipment is scheduled. They shall have undergone already a basic technical education or they have gained equivalent experience in practice.


The seminar provides insight in the design structure and machine functions.

  • design structure and functions of Flatwork Ironer
  • fault finding and elimination
  • optimization of process parameters
  • maintenance

For more information, please review our Enrolment and Participation Conditions.

Language: german

Duration: 2 Days