Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH


Transport Systems FWS, SWS

04. Sep 2019, Sarstedt

Who should attend

Laundry managers, machine operators


The seminar has the aim to train participants for fast fault finding in case of a machine problem and how to solve the trouble. We furthermore teach how to operate the transport system. The upgraded knowledge regarding parametrization allows optimum combinations of sorting and storing functions. Another seminar goal is teaching participants how to do simple maintenance work on their own.


The participants shall have already undergone a basic technical education or they have gained equivalent experience in practice.


The combined seminar features technical training and operation to teach the flexible use of all possibilities of the system.

  • structure of transport systems
  • functions of the components
  • process steps of components
  • maintenance and fault finding
  • manual operating mode for service work
  • parametrization of data bank

For more information, please review our Enrolment and Participation Conditions.

Language: german

Duration: 1 Day