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Data management

DressCare Control

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Specialties and functions

The data management of the garment hand-out system is ensured by a server PC to which the operator guidance is coupled by a client-server architecture via the touch screen display. In conjunction with the Kannegiesser NET link.

This control concept consistently followed through all machines and featuring identical components to allow an efficient operating data management, guarantees entire transparency: DressCare Select offers these advantages above all with regard to the garment stock and its use with the customer.

DCS Port - Flexible data management that permits at any time to poll the current situation of the system online. All computers selected to have access to the garment hand-out system are connected to the system in parallel via the DressCare Select port side. It is not necessary to install programs for this intranet access.

All data are compensated via the intermet technology with the follow-up system used in the laundry. Therefore, the programming need not be repeated. This follow-up circuit developed by Kannegiesser permits to minimise the management commitment. It offers full control of the garments in circulation. Each staff member is only assigned a number of garments which is needed to fulfill his professional duties. In this manner, all persons participating in this system have access to information on the whereabouts of their garments. The laundry can draw information about the stock, the employer knows his expenditure, and the staff member knows the stack for his/her individual use.

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