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Mechatronics Engineer


The intermediate examination

The intermediate examination will take place at the end of the second year of training. It will take no more than 7 hours, in which the candidate will produce something according to the specific task by using prefabricated parts. In particular this tasks con comprise the following:

To manufacture and test a functional mechatronic component with the help of technical documents, including manual- and machine processing, assembling, wiring and tubing as well as to compile a test- and measurement report.

The topics of "Basic knowledge and work planning" will be tested in writing.

The final exam

The final exam consists of two parts.
In Part A the trainee has to process and document a work assignment, followed by a technical discussion.
Part B covers three examination areas: work planning, functional analysis and Economics and Social Studies.

The illustration shows part A of the test. You can see a cooling element which is armed on the drilling device. The following steps have been executed by the trainee:

  1. Planning, preparation and allocation of components
  2. Assembly and wiring
  3. Programming and commissioning