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Industrial Clerk


Intermediate examination

The intermediate examination will take place in the middle of the second year of training. It takes 90 minutes, in which about 40 - 45 tasks require written answers. Examination subjects are: Materials Management (Purchasing, Warehousing, Administration, Controlling), Production Management, Manufacturing, Vocational Training, Occupational Safety and Accident Prevention, and Vocational Numeracy.

Quality assurance in the production hand quality control has caused costs. The diagram shows the conflict between the different of Yourcompany Ltd. has on the one hand avoided costs, on the other quality assurance costs. Which cost type does the X cost curve correlate with?

  • Appraisal costs
  • Setup costs
  • Error costs
  • Storage costs
  • Procurement costs
Final examination

The final exam consists of a theoretical part and a practical exercise. 
In the written test, which takes place over two days, the examination subjects of Business Processes, Accounting, and Economic and Social Studies are tested in open-ended questions and in a programmed form.

The practical part comprises the presentation of a special assignment, followed by a case-related technical discussion. The trainee has to demonstrate his or her knowledge of complex professional tasks and holistic business processes as well as to prove his or her ability problem-solving skills.

The manufacturing company Yourcompany Ltd. needs special screws for the manufacturing of a newly developed product. Cost comparison calculations are supposed to help take a make-or-buy decision.
In-house production:

  • Fixed costs per month € 1,000.00
  • Variable costs per screw € 5.00

External procurement: 

  • Procurement costs per screw € 10.00
  1. Determine the critical quantity
  2. Name four factors that are relevant for the decision-making process, aside from cost comparison.