Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH

Technology Partner


The expansion of the own value added chain of processes, as the complexity of the laundry processes grow, is leading an increasing number of large textile service companies to look for a technology partner able to cover the entire process spectrum. From this partner they expect solutions to many technical questions and problems, to relieve them of work, permitting them to concentrate on their real key functions. This holds especially true in growth areas such as workwear, tourism, old people's homes or senior citizen care.

Our key mission is to accompany our customers throughout this permanent change, to be their technology partner, and this mission encompasses the entire spectrum of our industry, from smaller laundries handling private household work and small batches to the complex, fully automatic and streamlined large company as part of a supraregionally or internationally operating textile service groups of companies.

For many customers Kannegiesser is increasingly regarded as a partner in technology, expected to design the entire laundry technology under a responsible leadership, to develop it further, and to keep it at the highest level of efficiency and availability."

We are increasingly taking on this challenge, for which reason two strategic landmarks were important in the last few years:

  1. Responsible developer and supplier of the complete industrial laundry technology - from washing and drying to finishing and sorting.
  2. The ability to network the entire laundry technology assisted by a uniform control architecture, management information systems, complete support and customer service systems.